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Wednesday 13 October 2010

OK then, first post!

My acclaimed puzzle/platform game Apple Jack was released at the end of May this year on the Xbox Indie games service. Here is a video of it:

"Oh", I hear you cry, "Acclaimed is it? Where's the proof?"
 To which I simply shake my head quietly and with a wry smile point you towards the following links:


"Yeah yeah" I hear you persist, "But those aren't PROPER reviews from respected print magazines, they're just the stupid old internet making up rubbish as usual. I bet you haven't got any reviews from, say,  Edge magazine and the Official Xbox Magazine have you?"


Edge (Issue 217, 8/10)
Official UK Xbox Magazine (Issue 64, 5 stars)

"Oh, OK.." You mumble, thoroughly chastened and embarassed, "So it IS acclaimed after all, I humbly apologise for my rudeness earlier and I will buy your excellent looking game forthwith."