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Thursday 26 January 2012

Short update

The game is now in a state where the title screen, main menu, intro, levels and between-level transitions all flow together properly, although currently if you play it up to the end it runs out of levels and crashes.

I now need to add all the audio stuff that I stripped out at the start of the project, and find new sound effects for the things that weren't in the first game. I also need to find new ambient background atmosphere for the new environments. Shouldn't take too long.

After that I'll buy a new XNA membership and try uploading the game to an actual Xbox for the first time since I started making it over a year ago.


  1. Need any Beta testers :D

    I promise to still buy the game when it drops.

    1. I'll be putting it up on the XNA.com playtesting forums when it's nearly ready, so if you have the ability to upload XNA programs to your Xbox you can give it a go then. It'll only be to check for bugs and stuff before release, so you're probably just as well waiting for release.

      And don't worry about buying it - I'll sort you out with a code.