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Thursday 18 July 2013

Apple Jack PC news

Righty then,

Apple Jack 2 on PC is basically finished now, with just a bit of testing to be done on it by the excellent folks at Tofu Testing, who helped with the original XBLIG release.

Once that's done I will need to copy across many of the PC alterations to Apple Jack 1, which I'd LIKE to say won't take very long at all, but given my track record at estimating these things will probably take three years or something.

Then I'll look to stick both games on as many PC distribution services as will have it. Clearly Steam is where the bulk of the audience is but the chances of these two UK-centric 2D platformers getting anywhere on their crappy crowd-sourced Greenlight system are roughly zero. It might still be worth submitting to it for publicity reasons, but otherwise I'll have to look elsewhere.

For several reasons I'm tempted to try and port the games to Ouya too:

i) It's a console (of sorts) and consoles are what I like best
ii) It'll be a nice way of learning Monogame, which looks to be a good successor to XNA
iii) It'll give me an excuse to buy an Ouya, to replace the original Xbox which I still use as an emulation console.
 iv) Ouya is fun to say. Oooya! Oooooya!

A 3DS or Vita version of AJ2 would be great too, but I'm probably too smalltime to be allowed on those, even with the great reviews it got.


  1. Good to hear its almost done, just a warning to make sure Steam give you a firm NO before you put it on Greenlight as if you put it on there first they wont put it on steam even if they want to.

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