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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Apple Jack 1&2 in Indie Royale bundle.


If you mosey on over to the latest Indie Royale bundle situated here:


you will find none other than the PC versions of Apple Jack 1&2! See!

Needless to say, the more of these bundles that are sold, the more money I get from them, so if you haven't already got them on Xbox now will be a perfect time to pick them up! You even get four other games absolutely free. I actually don't know very much about them but I'll have a guess based on their names:

Thunder Wolves - a game where you play as a pack of wolves caught in a thunder storm.

Stellar Impact - a game set in 2008 where you play as Stellar McCartney whacking Heather Mills over the head with one of her false legs.

DIVO - a rhythm action game starring operatic pop vocal group Il Divo. 

100% Orange Juice - a game where you play as the quality control manager for Tropicana as he tests batches of orange juice to ensure that they comply fully with the trades description act.

And all of that for the price of a good-quality frozen pizza!

PS - Apple Jack 1&2 have also been accepted by Desura and should be available there very shortly. If I have promised you a code for the game they will be sent as soon as it is up.


  1. Couldnt get ether game to work on my PC :(

    1. Hello Mutilated,

      Did they install properly? If so what happened when you tried to run them?