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Saturday 18 January 2014

A proper website!


I finally got around to making a proper My Owl Software website! It can be found here:


As you can see, it's nothing special, but it gives information on the games and includes links to Twitter and this blog, which should do well enough.

PS. Unity is weird. Being a complete game engine, it takes many of the tasks you would normally have to write code for, such as displaying textures, hit detection, physics etc. and implements them as options in a menu. It's also quite 'bitty' in that everything has its own parameter menu and you have to connect the different 'bits' (textures, sprites, sounds, scripts and so on) together or nest them inside each other in order to create a complete program.

This clashes somewhat with the way I usually program, which is to have a single, central list of code that runs everything. You can probably do something like this in Unity if you want, but it doesn't seem to be designed that way.

Oh well. It's easy to forget that XNA was unfamiliar and daunting when I first started messing around with it, and Unity is probably more user-friendly.


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  4. Very much looking forward to your third(?) game! Apple Jack 1 and 2 were brilliant! When looking back on the 360, AJ1&2 will always come to mind. I already have nostalgic feelings towards them. Bravo!

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