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Wednesday 19 October 2011


I have finally finished designing all the levels! There are 61 in total (so I can cleverly put 'over 60' in the item description), including three boss encounters.

Now that's all done I can finally get around to redrawing some of the blocks, getting the checkpointing fixed and the other million things that have to be done before I can release the game, probably in the space year 2025.


  1. Hey man ! I were looking all over the internet to find you (no kidding) . Apple Jack is my favorite game of all time, and I can't wait for your new game. Seriously, your game deserves to be known!
    Man, when I see that you don't have any comments on your blog for instance, it seems that you don't promote yourself, and your game.
    Look at Edmund Mc Millen, or Notch... Indie Dev like you. They make good game AND they are popular.
    Some advice for you :
    Get twitter/facebook... All that shit.
    Post trailers, videos of your game on youtube.
    post on some forum about your blog.
    Email some Indies game sites.


    PS : I am french, so sorry for my bad english

  2. "I was" ... and not "I were" . Sorry