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Friday 2 December 2011


Since last I wrote, I've done a lot of boring but nesessary stuff to the game, such as menus, particle effects, a new HUD and other bits and bobs. Expect it early next year. I'll post some more screenshots before long too.

Also, I've followed the advice of Neil the intro guy and the chap in the comments below, among others, and properly started a My Owl Twitter account. If you're into that sort of thing you can find it at:



  1. Hey Tim ,
    I am a huge fan and really want to know who did the music in the original AJ. I would like to know where I can obtain a copy of said music. I am willing to pay for it.


  2. Hello HeartOfMusic,

    All the music is by Josh Woodward (www.joshwoodward.com) and can be downloaded for free on his website.I think I put a tracklisting in the credits section of the game.