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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Screenshot Bonanza-thon!

As promised, a mountain of new Apple Jack 2 screens await your eyes below. I've added a bit of text beneath each one to explain them, since if you haven't played the first game they might be a bit confusing:


This level is called 'The Panda Factory'. Apple Jack stumbles across a perpetual motion machine where pandas fall on to and then are nudged off of a series of moving platforms. He must DESTROY THEM ALL to progress.

RUN! AJ has to run like heck away from this massive panda.

The game includes a combo system - destroy enemies in quick succesion to multiply the amount of fruit they drop. Things can quickly get out of hand, as you can see.

The Pain Turbine - The huge saw blade relentlessly forces our hero to circle this small level, picking off enemies as he goes.

Bit of a boring screen, this one, but it shows that you can push large blocks around, even if enemies are walking around on them.

Coloured enemies can only be destroyed by picking up and throwing like-colours at each other. Otherwise they bounce off harmlessly.

These eyeballs are trapped at the moment and can only watch as AJ passes beneath. Later in the level they will be released and will seek a terrible vengence.

Unlike the first game, this one has boss fights.

 More combo madness.

 This level wobbles around, threatening to crush the player.

 Fatal Frame - AJ is forced through this level inside a moving chequered frame of death.


  1. Love those big boss-looking things!

  2. I just wanted to say how amazingly happy you have made me today. I didn't know that you where making this game and now I do, and you know what it just jumped to my most anticipated release of 2012.

    Mass Effect 3 can suck it and BioShock Infinite can wait because Jack is back and has a dog to save (I hope).

  3. @Auyx +1 ! I can't wait for this game too

  4. Auyx - I know you! No dog to rescue, but this time round the game has a bit more of a plot and an intro. Glad you and Potexto are looking forward to it!

  5. This looks great. Looks to satisfy fans wanting more like the first while adding enough new content and ideas to avoid feeling too much like more of the same. I like the change to fruit, too. Should make for more colorful explosions.

  6. Yeah, that's why I went with the fruit. Coins will still appear as static pick-ups though, as before. I've redrawn them and am adding them to the levels now.